Preparing for a Career in Cloud Computing

Hello (Again) World! I took some time off from blogging, gaming, etc. to renew my existing AWS certifications, to earn a GCP certification, speak at re:Invent 2021! 😮 However, I'm back, and I'd like to switch gears a little bit to share recommendations on how aspiring Cloud Engineers can learn the skills they need to land that first role in cloud...

Posted January 20, 2022 by Trevor Roberts Jr ‐ 5 min read

Using the AWS SDK for Rust with SQS and a Go Lambda Function to Update DynamoDB Tables

I am learning Rust in my spare time, and I am curious to see how I can use the AWS SDK for Rust in a solution workflow that includes one of my Go Lambda functions. Like Bill Murray, you may be thinking...

Posted August 2, 2021 by Trevor Roberts Jr ‐ 7 min read