Allowing GCP Compute Resources to Assume AWS IAM Roles with Pulumi

Did you know that AWS IAM has built-in support for some well-known OIDC providers, including Google? Neither did I until I worked on a project that required GCP compute instances to securely access Amazon S3 buckets...

Posted October 27, 2023 by Trevor Roberts Jr ‐ 6 min read

Modifying EKS Kubernetes Pod Application Behavior with AWS AppConfig Feature Flags

The AWS AppConfig team recently released a container image for an AppConfig Agent that can be used as a sidecar in your Kubernetes pod or your ECS task to simplify feature management for cloud native applications on AWS. I decided to take the agent for a spin to see if it was as simple to integrate with containers as it is to integrate AppConfig with Lambda functions...

Posted April 5, 2023 by Trevor Roberts Jr ‐ 9 min read