Running Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for AWS Lambda Functions on Terraform Cloud

While reviewing my blog infrastructure, I realized I was still using the deprecated go Lambda runtime to invalidate my CloudFront cache. When I went to update my Lambda deployment automation, I realized I deployed it manually 😅. Read on to see how I went about automating the final manual component of my blog infrastructure...

Posted February 29, 2024 by Trevor Roberts Jr ‐ 8 min read

Simplifying Access to EC2 Instances on Private Subnets with EC2 Instance Connect

Just a gentle reminder as we go into 2024: On February 1, 2024, AWS will begin charging customers for the public IPv4 addresses that we use. Now is a really good time to get familiar with IPv6 networking. For any workloads that still require IPv4 addresses for some reason, it is imperative to get familiar with the options to securely access EC2 instances running in private subnets. In this blog post, I demonstrate how to automate the configuration of one of these options: the EC2 Instance Connect Endpoint. Read on to learn more...

Posted December 29, 2023 by Trevor Roberts Jr ‐ 6 min read